Welcome to Alaya Retreat Centre


“Healings for Animals by Humans and For Humans By Animals”

We offer energy healing and coaching for animals and people:

  • • Reiki treatments and healings for animals and people
  • • Quarts bowl treatments for animals and humans
  • • Systemic coaching assisted by horses for individuals and teams
  • • Meditation with horses for humans
  • • Massages for humans in different styles

Ellen Christiaanse:

Ellen took her first yoga classes at age 14. At that age she wanted to become a vet. After that she was a bit distracted for about 30 years by doing a master in psychology and a doctorate in Information Systems at Harvard and MIT and working for many years in the academic and consulting world. From 2005 on she started to focus again on what life was really about and educated herself in healing techniques and in 2008 left her academic career as an Associate Professor of Information Systems to dedicate herself to built ALAYA Retreat Centre at Masia Cal Pau Cruset, near Barcelona, Spain.

She has worked with groups for over 20 years. She completed 2 years of the Four Cycles TM integrated healing program (http://www.cuatrociclos.com) and in 2006 obtained her master in Reiki which allows her to teach reiki to other students and work as a reiki healer. In addition she participated in a first level teacher training of Yin Yoga and has a diploma in sound therapy level I and II, to give healings with Quarts Bowls. Since 2017 she educated herself as a horse assisted coach and animal reiki healer. With this her circle was completed and she is now happily doing healings on horses, sloths, dogs, cats, donkeys, leopards, lapas, anteaters, squirrels, tapirs, monkeys, scorpions, bees and humans.

Currently she is the owner of Alaya Retreat Centre where retreats are held on a variety of topics like yoga, meditation, detox, tantra, healing, hiking, mindfulness, coaching etc etc.

  • • Master psychology, 1987, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Holanda
  • • Visiting scholar MIT and Harvard 1989-1992, Boston, USA
  • • Phd en economia, 1994, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, Holanda
  • • Associate Professor Information Systems, Delft Technical University, University of Amsterdam, ESADE Business School, Barcelona 2003-2008
  • • 25 años de experiencia en facilitacion de grupos y consultoria de empresas
  • • Maestra de reiki, 2011
  • • Formacion de 2 años de Sanación Integral Holística en el instituto Cuatro Ciclos de crecimiento, dirigida por Enrique Arellano 2011-2012
  • • Curso de “Training untouched wild mustangs” with Anna Twinney, California, USA, August 2017
  • • Curso de Coaching con Caballos con Ruud Knaapen, Brasil 2017
  • • Certificación Internacional como facilitadora de Constelaciones Sistémicas Asistidas con caballos con la metodología de Anna Alvarez Crispi 2018, España
  • • Reiki para caballos Certificate with Anna Twinney, Costa Rica, February 2019
  • • Crossfields Institute UK, Level 3 Diploma in Mindfulness for People with their Animals: Trust Technique Practitioner 2018 (in progress)

Daiana: Certified massage therapist